Well Woman Exam

Preventative visits, such as well woman exams, are the backbone of keeping patients as healthy as possible, which is what we want for you!

What to Expect During A Well Woman Exam

The first visit with us should be between the ages of 13-15 for discussion of periods and adolescent preventive care. Pap smears will start at age 21, but many young girls need to be seen sooner for problems with their menstrual cycle or prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. As patients see us throughout the years, visits are tailored to focus on issues pertinent to their age. For example, by age 50, we will recommend yearly mammograms/pelvic exams, colon cancer screening, yearly blood work for diabetes/cholesterol/thyroid screening.  We are available to discuss issues regarding menopause, incontinence, libido, etc, as you feel comfortable.

Please call 713-465-5966 so the doctors at Advanced OB/GYN can help take care of your yearly preventative needs.