Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes in pregnancy occurs in 2- 5 % of all pregnancies. In pregnancy sometimes the body is not able to use sugar in the blood as well as it should, resulting in the level of sugar in the blood becoming higher than normal. The diagnosis is made by doing a glucose test during the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. We start with a one hour glucola test. Usually the test is done in the early morning. You should not eat or drink anything with sugar or carbohydrates prior to the test (examples: orange juice, milk, toast, cereal, gum/candy). If this initial screening test is too high, then you may be asked to return to the office for a three hour sugar test. An abnormal three hour test will confirm gestational diabetes. Many factors may increase one’s risk for gestational diabetes: obesity, family history of diabetes, previous birth of a large baby over 9 pounds. Initial treatment includes changes in diet and a moderate exercise program.

Advanced Ob/Gyn physicians take care of pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes. If you have any of the above factors that increase your risk for gestational diabetes, please call 713-465-5966 for your first pregnancy visit.