Pregnancy Induced Hypertension / PreEclampsia

PreEclampsia refers to a triad of high blood pressure, swelling (usually of the hands and face), and protein in the urine. The underlying cause of preeclampsia is unknown. It is more common in the third trimester of pregnancy. Factors that may increase ones risk of preeclampsia include first pregnancy, teenage mothers, women over 40, diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, multiple gestation, and immune disorders like lupus. Diagnostic tests may include lab tests and 24 hour urine collection. Treatment will depend on severity of the signs and symptoms. The only cure for preeclampsia is delivery.

Advanced Ob/Gyn physicians take care of pregnancies complicated by pregnancy induced hypertension. If you have any of the above factors that increase your risk for gestational diabetes, please call 713-465-5966 for your first pregnancy visit.